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RUConnected #8 From Eracism to the iPod Lounge

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In this episode Jenny talks about Preps using the iPod Touch to create their e-portfolios on iWeb. Twitter for teachers and for Preps while collaborating across the world Photobooks Lois has been busy with reorganising the school web site to Joomla interschool team teaching with Moodle the pilot program Eracism – a flat classroom project… Continue reading

RUConnected #6 – New Nanos, iPod Apps and Web 2.0

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RUConnected #6 New Nanos, iPods and many things Web2.0 RUConnected Kids Congress & Kids Congress Wiki Shine Article – Student Leaders Debate Big Issues Elluminate Flat Classrooms/Global Projects – Eracism Project VoiceThread Obama’s speech to Students in Wordle Tom Barrett Thirty-Eight Interesting Ways* to use Wordle in the Classroom GlobalTeacher / GlobalStudent Dean Shareski &… Continue reading