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    Welcome to the Podcast blog for "Are You Connected" all about ideas, links and more to do with Technology in Education. Jenny Ashby and Lois Smethurst are Leading Teachers for ICT in Victorian Primary Schools in Australia. The idea for this podcast series came about after Jenny and Lois attended NECC09 in Washington DC and decided they had lots to share.
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RUConnected #51 Before and after Slide2learn

Posted by jjash on 9th July 2012

The end of term was a busy one for both of us so we’ve put together two podcasts that we created and thought best to send out together. Before Slide2learn we had the IWB Master conference on in Adelaide.  We had a great time presenting our Voices workshop over 4 sessions with our cohort.

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Greg Gebhart’s Keynote session was great as usual and full of up to date information such as The Horizon Report  which provided evidence that oral skills are becoming more important than ever….search via voice, siri etc voice commands

  • Apps we investigate: Autodance, LegoMovie
  • Game based learning to be in the classroom in the next three years and personal learning environments an expectation.
  • The super computer will be your phone and will fit in your pocket.
  • 1 to many will be the way we work with an estimted 1:7 devices for each person by 20something.
  • Augmented reality to become widly used in the classroom
  • Greg showed a 9 mth old using iPad and it was quite amazing to see the babay looking in folders and out to find the correct app.

Slide2Learn – Lead up – the who when and where

In the ClassRoom

  • Educreations – sticking with it- simplicity is actually its greatest asset.
  • Toontastic for storyboarding – helping students to visualise their movies
  • Lego Super Movie Maker – instant stop motion pro type movies – no sound
  • Blogs – planning day was a great opportunity to work with the teachers
  • New Web site for the school for berwick Lodge Primary school, app to follow.
  • Using the Reflections App on your computer to capture work from the ipad and take control of it in a manner that suits your purpose.
  • Use of photo booth for mirroring and drawing of avatars with preps.
  • Olympic flag activity and explain everything, research the flags and then draw and record the relevance of the colors etc.
Apps We Discussed
  • Display Rec app records everything in any app on your ipad.  It has now been taken out of the iTunes store.
  • New Podcast app from apple so podcasts are not in the iTunes or music app anymore.

VPP coming soon……..I wonder when (Volume Purchasing Plan for apps)

iOS V6  -features

  • Siri has been learning and can open apps .
  • Knows about movies and sport.  3D maps.
  • Shared photo streams
  • New passbook app.

Part 2 – Post S2L Where were we from at slide to learn? This doesnt include all the presenters.

KeyNotes _Steve Cook, Fraser Speirs, Ivo Burum, Sam Gliksman, Tony Vincent, Lisa Johnson

Lois Presented Voices, and Jenny’s sessions were Get Real Maths, Workflows and iShare

How do you go about organising something like this?

Good question Lois but Google Docs was a great help and Skype considering that all the Slide2Learn team are spread all over Australia.


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RUConnected #38 Brette Lockyer and the Daily Five

Posted by Lois Smethurst on 18th September 2011

Jenny and Lois have a chat with Brette Lockyer and discuss her use of technology and the daily5 in her literacy program.
You can listen in the player below or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes


The Daily Cafe

Brette’s blog

Twitter hash tag   #daily5 Sat morning 10-11am Melb time

iPad tip – Saving files using webdav, oh there’s an app for that.

Brette’s Apps to Share ( and ours)

  1. Book creator – expensive but nice ($7.50)
  2. ebook magic $3.99 lots of features and more page layouts
  3. indicommons app free
  4. photo pad free
  5. strip designer $2.99 an old but goodie although some now use comic life ($7.99) on the iPad
  6. vimeo free for iphone
  7. sonic pics $2.99 - navigate a slide show and add audio. Others that also allow writing or drawing include showme (free) and explain everything $2.99 (allows you to crop photos in the app also and sharing has endless possiblities.)
  8. doodle buddy free
  9. magic slate free
  10. puppet pals free or $2.99 directors version

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RUConnected #32 – Slide2Learn-2011

Posted by Lois Smethurst on 25th April 2011

This is the Slide2Learn special. The 2 day, conference was held at the Sunshine University, on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Jenny and Lois chat about some of the highlights and resources from the conference. The experience of being at Slide2Learn – mobile immersion- workshops put you in the position of being a student. The buzz of learning everywhere.  Imagine a class like that everyday. Collaboration and many :1 not always 1:1

You can listen in the player below or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes

Reflecting on Learning

For a great list of apps for education visit the Slide2Learn Ning

Fantastic Films by Tony Vincent

Adam Brice,  – AppleforKids

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RUConnected #31 Holiday App SmackDown

Posted by Lois Smethurst on 12th April 2011

You can listen in the player below or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes

Holiday Apps SmackDown – Time to Play

AudioBoo for ipods/iphones
HT Recorder
Now Hear This
NowHearThis on the iPad/iphone (great for sending a running tweet/facebook message likes in facebook come as cheers gr8 motivation audioboo for ipods/iphones
Prizmo – OCR scanner & translator 10 languages
Prezi app – looked great
ABC Foodi
ToonPaint –  free today
Pearl diver

Changes in google….just noticed action buttons what have you noticed?  Is it just me or am I slow to see this….drag and drop pics..

Ultranet. Book Boxes are a great resource for DEECD teachers

Jenny’s Mobile2011 – presentation in Phoenix Arizona Lit and Numeracy using idevices.

Digital story books review (Our Favourite is Pop Up Peter Rabbit)

Text edit – Sticky notes / use for fast word processing and to paste content into blogs

Twitter hashtag….#slide2learn or #S2L2011 (better for searching conference tweets rather than s2L tweets in general)

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RUConnected #29 The “E” Episode

Posted by Lois Smethurst on 14th March 2011

Jenny and Lois discuss Elluminate Coaching (Jenny’s new part-time job) and E-BookChats (Lois’s new Edmodo book discussions project) as well as tips and tricks to updating your I-devices, and the upcoming ICTEV conference.

You can listen in the player below or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes

Tweetup & f2f connections PLNs

Elluminate coaching


IOS 4.3 updating 600mb upload (ipads, iphones and ipods)

ICTEV In Touch Conference – May 21st,  Melb Grammar

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RUConnected #26 Global Connections

Posted by Lois Smethurst on 6th February 2011

The first RUConnected for 2011 recorded in Jenny’s kitchen. Jenny and Lois talk about being connected Globally in real life and virtually through blogging. Jenny explains where the iPad trial is up to and more.

You can listen in the player below or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes

Learning Without Frontiers Conference

Lord Putman & Jimmy Whales

Edublogs Teacher Blogging Challenge

Blogging Challenge – Creative Commons

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RUConnected #22 Tweet Peeps

Posted by Lois Smethurst on 12th October 2010

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Linda Pilkington with the XO Laptop

Linda Pilkington with the XO Laptop

Jenny interviews one of her Twitter contacts while on holiday in Queensland. Listen to the interview with @Linda_Pilko from Castaways Beach.  After the Slide to Learn conference in July Jenny met Linda on twitter and has been sharing and communicating since.  Linda Pilkinton teaches at Sunshine Beach Primary School and has begun to use iPods in her classroom. Also Linda is about to trial some  XO Laptops.

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RUConnected #17 Musical Rooms

Posted by Lois Smethurst on 20th June 2010

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Electronic Portfolios on a Blog :An example of how the Categories work – Amy’s blog portfolio

Elluminate…Australian Series —training for moderators people who want ot use elluminate and run their own sessions. Monday nights 7:00pm

Tech Talk Tuesdays

Tech-Talk Tuesdays-Global Collaboration: Flattening Classrooms

VoiceThread Book Reviews

Ann McDonald & WallWisher

Apple iPhone

Titanic in the Classroom

Techno Challenge

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RUConnected #8 From Eracism to the iPod Lounge

Posted by Lois Smethurst on 9th November 2009

In this episode Jenny talks about

  • Preps using the iPod Touch to create their e-portfolios on iWeb.
  • Twitter for teachers and for Preps while collaborating across the world
  • Photobooks

Lois has been busy with

  • reorganising the school web site to Joomla
  • interschool team teaching with Moodle
  • the pilot program Eracism – a flat classroom project

These and more –  ideas for ICT in your school and classroom

Angel/Devil funny get-a-Mac movie 2006


Joomla home

Berwick Lodge PS  Web site created with Joomla




Twenty-Seven Interesting Ways* to use Twitter in the Classroom

English Online Interview

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RUConnected #7 Fast Finga, Blabberize & more for term 4

Posted by Lois Smethurst on 17th October 2009






Herald Sun Tributes


English Online Interview

Classroom 2.0 Live – Weebly

Knowledge Bank Online Events

Creating Google Apps accounts for students without giving them email


Common Craft Videos

Strip Designer


Running Mate

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