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RUConnected Episode #41 The Brock Project

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In this episode Jenny interviews Zoe Brannigan-Pipe, Camille Rutherford and Kyle Tuck at Brock University Ontario Canada. Jenny has recently become a virtual associate teacher and so decided to see how the project with trainee teachers was developing via an interview. Apologies to our listeners – there was an error in the podcast when it… Continue reading

RUConnected #36 Happy 2nd Birthday!

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HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY wow it is too. Time flies. You can listen in the player below or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes QRcodes for links to text, self and world. Playing4Real …in the making. Collections, tasks, missions working with Brette Lockyer, Jenny Luca, Donna Benjamin and others #P4R Film making, Experimenting with blue screen… Continue reading