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    Welcome to the Podcast blog for "Are You Connected" all about ideas, links and more to do with Technology in Education. Jenny Ashby and Lois Smethurst are Leading Teachers for ICT in Victorian Primary Schools in Australia. The idea for this podcast series came about after Jenny and Lois attended NECC09 in Washington DC and decided they had lots to share.
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RUConnected #70 Let’s Get Started

Posted by Lois Smethurst on 22nd February 2014

Jenny and Lois have just got back to school after the Summer break. In this episode they discuss getting the school blogs up and running again and the different processes that they go through.
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Different User Roles on Edublogs

Jenny’s Quad Blogging

Quick Links to Class Blogs at Lois’s School – Berwick Lodge Primary School

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RUConnected Episode #64 Travels and Connections

Posted by jjash on 13th July 2013

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Jenny tells Lois about her recent trip to the UK.

-School visits

-Quad blogging…….. and David Mitchell Meeting and school visit to Caton Community School


-Peeps – people Jenny met

-Dawn Hallybone – Digital Life

Lois tells about her radio show and a new site she is making on Google Sites

apple TV pro also avail in the Apple store is a connector adapter for VGA to hdmi so you can use Apple TV on an older projector or make it easier to connect without running long cables to the projector by using an exisiting connection point.

Scratch 2.0

Scratch for maths extension.

The online version of scratch means that student’s working space and projects are all in space. It also means that it is much easier to embed finished projects into their own or class blogs. A big improvement from the past complicated process that was required.

Apple Configurator update

Apple configurator has had a big update. Notification sounds when things are finished, Error message now displays under the yellow triangle so if app doesn’t install you know which one is the culprit. I’m still have problems with its stability.

Google Sites

Great way to curate resources, checklists, schedules, calendars and share with select audience. Different pages can have different permissions

Use google forms for a checklist, copy the address so that the students can go back and update as they complete more parts of the project.

Some Nice Apps

Barefoot world atlas free (for now)

Sketches – free nice drawing app

Tinkerbox – free – thinking problem solving physics type app  - like the old Thinking Things software

The Artist Mortimer   - free digital book

Wifi Photo – free for transfering photos (thanks to Rod Hysted for finding this one)

Toca builders

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RUConnected Episode #62 Slide2Learn and workflows

Posted by jjash on 5th May 2013

Jenny and Lois discuss what’s happening lately.  Lois has been away to Tonga and jenny attended Slide2learn in Perth.

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Slide2Learn has wonderful presenters and keynotes for example Jane Ross’ students from Jakarta who has created a book in iTunes about their Challenged Based Learning.

Lois’ students are busy creating Movies for their Inquiry based Unit around inventions and Movies for the 60 second science competition. The grade 5 & 6 students are also participating in the  Student Blogging Challenge . They are building up some great skills. The grade 3 & 4 students are doing their research on the ipads using the Internet, Explain Everything and Google Drive. Google Drive is great for shared iPads because students can access Google Drive from Explain Everything to save or open documents.

Printing…..does anyone print? Fingerprint for the Mac allows idevices to print through the Mac to non airprint printers.

Meraki – web interface runs alongside and in conjunction with configurator. It can send notifications to iPads and check battery charging, push updates and more.

Jenny is using Book Creator and adding pics/video from gallery via dropbox sharing. Sending the book to dropbox so all can then download to their ibooks shelf.

Programming Apps -

Cargo BotBeeBot,Hopscotch,Daisy the Dino, SNAP, Koder, Catos hike (Computer Science Teacher a blog with reviews of some block programming tools)

Up and coming Events

™ Melb past and present Thurs May 14th  @ Melb Library

ICTEV 25th May 25th

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RUConnected #50 It’s been a BIG week

Posted by Lois Smethurst on 3rd June 2012

In this episode Jenny interviews Wes Fryer about his wealth of experience in blogging and podcasting. Thanks to Wes for the interview. (@wfryer is Wes’s twitter handle)

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 Epsom App

 Eracism Debate (Flatclassroom Project)

Wes Fryer

Jesse Schell


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RU Connected Episode #49 Skyping around the Globe

Posted by jjash on 19th May 2012

In this episode Lois talks about her Science blogging and inquiry work and Jenny interviews Rodney Turner from Phoenix Arizona about the Skype and Voicethread project. Thanks to Rodney for the interview. (@techyturner is Rodney’s twitter handle)
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LEEP blogs Lodger’s ELearning Extension Program


Student Conference Series

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# RUConnected #42 Getting Started in 2012

Posted by Lois Smethurst on 5th February 2012

Jenny and Lois have a chat about the setting up for the school year and recommend some conferences and apps.
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1:1 technology in classrooms

Network issues


Permission Forms for students

New teachers get networked

Ipads – updating with Xcode

XCode Instructions



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RUConnected Episode #41 The Brock Project

Posted by jjash on 13th November 2011

In this episode Jenny interviews Zoe Brannigan-Pipe, Camille Rutherford and Kyle Tuck at Brock University Ontario Canada. Jenny has recently become a virtual associate teacher and so decided to see how the project with trainee teachers was developing via an interview.

Apologies to our listeners – there was an error in the podcast when it was first posted.Thi.s version is now correct

Here are some links  that are referred to in the interview.
EdTech Cohort Twitter & blog feeds

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RUConnected #39 Getting Updated

Posted by Lois Smethurst on 15th October 2011

Jenny and Lois chat about the iOS5 update and the current happenings in their schools, plus a few app recommendations.
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PLP Photoblogs -

Our stories – grade 5 & Our stories grade 4

New Apps to Share

  1. Knowtes for ipad
  2. 500scorer
  3. VoiceThread
  4. Yahtzee notepad

Upcoming Dates FtoF or online

  • SLAV conf Oct 17th
  • S2L Dec 3rd Hobart, Melbourne July 2012
  • New team members Jenny Jongste from WA and Adam Brice Vic.

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RUConnected #37 The Asian Connection

Posted by jjash on 28th August 2011

RUConnected #37 The Asian Connection or “The Mystery Snorer”

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Whats News

1. Jenny’s Jakarta trip to the Australian International School

2. Lois’ Singapore Trip
12 students, 4 teachers visit to our sister school and celebrated National Day – The National Day of Singapore is celebrated every year on 9 August, in commemoration of Singapore’s independence from Malaysia in 1965- The incredible proud of their country and obvious in the National Pride – songs, & celebrations. Holiday for National Day and rest day afterwards.
Students went to school for celebrations and then a normal work day and then home with some families. (v.short Homestay)


3. Mystery Skype with Mitch Hughes and Watsonia PS – Structured- animals, next numbers and skype with New York school – Nancy Sharoff


4.Jenny Ultranet school – weekly lessons with just one or to skills
Adding bling to the ultranet and vokis using embed codes.

5. LOIS – New way to think about online learning for example blogging from the “Ideas Lab”
Move away from the “Show and Tell” blogs to: Collective Knowledge Construction

“There are four strategies that influence how we learn and the way we behave online, that this white paper explores: Connecting, Communicating, Collaborating and Learning Collectively.”

Download the White Paper written by Richard Olsen – very interesting reading.

6. Jenny presented at GTAV- iGeography – Here is jenny’s presentation


7. How are your movies going? – Just finishing up, very pleased with them so far. Learnt heaps about filming with a blue screen ( mobile white board with blue paper pinned to it)

8. Animations of eggs hatching as we have eggs in the classroom – Grade ½ Learning community
Something for Teachers to try -
9. Symmetry Work flow – for Ipad Use the Kaleidic Lite (FREE) to create a shape, capture it, add it to Doodle Buddy to draw the lines of Symmetry. Or use PhotoBooth with a mirror or mirro paint app on iphones and iPad

Maths – Stories in addition
10. Stamping addition problems and recording voices in Kidpix to tell and addition story and then adding to a slide show of addition stories in KidPix.

11. Good chats on twitter

#elemchat Sunday morning 8am Melb time for early starters

#daily5 Sat morn 10am-11am Melb time

12. New Apps to Share

1 Maths Party – ordering but starts with simple numbers and moves onto equations – one or two player (FREE) Free app
2 Explain Everything app – sonic pics and showme- record voice draw and add pics- shares in many ways very nice – includes a cropper $2.99

3.   Glow draw, skywrite, fireworks!/id364873934?mt=8

5.   Sock App

6.   Writepad convert handwriting to text – nice    $10.49

Conferences this week
VITTA – Mon 29th Aug & Tues 30th Aug
IWB Digital Leaders Sep 1-3 Thurs, Fri, Sat

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RUConnected #28 Global2 & News

Posted by Lois Smethurst on 6th March 2011

Jenny shares her news and John Pearce our special guest tells us about the new DEECD blog site, Global2.

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