RUConnected #80 TOM, Reflective Practice & Digital Leverage

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Lois Smethurst and Jenny Ashby discuss:

What’s been happening?
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Tournament Of the Minds #TOM

Sphero balls and drones in the classroom using the Tickle app to program them and connecting issues at school.

Review of S2L 2015

Field of Mars -TV show -Steve Papp

Winning Video – AppMazing  Race

The rules –Appmazing Race


Inspire 2 learn sessions

S2L 2016 Announced and to be in Cairns with an Environment theme –  July 2nd-3rd 2016

Other Conferences

DLTV Fringe Festival – spark sessions  Narissa Leung Playground -pile of sand unused bricks, risk takers.

Hamish Curry Keynote

Scott Duncan spark Talk

ACER Assessment Conference

Dr Rukmini Banerji

Future events TeachMeet Bendigo

Letting GO!   Seeing others catching on and giving opportunities for others to lead.  Digital leverage.

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