RUConnected Ep #78 Minecraft Camp

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Lois and Jenny discuss all things happening lately with their education focus. And the weather of course.


Minecraft Camp

A Saturday spent at minecraft camp. Top 10 minecraft songs  Redstone build designs


Crack the Code in Maths Edn week

A smorgasbpard of activities-

QR code scavenger hunt

Letter scamble from visiting the rooms

iMovie show and tutorials for parents

Minecraft discovery time – student tutorials for parents

Blogging cafe – students helping parents comment

Cracking the code in scratch- students teach parents some basic scratch to draw a shape.


WIM centre news

Use of @periscope and BTN –

twitter @behindthenews with extension multi age group GR 1/2/5/6

Dominoes fall marble runs Rube Goldberg and domino world records -YOUtube. Domino world record Rube Goldberg machine


Lois Prep /1 Literacy extension group Sharing picture books and developing independent strategies for young students to use in their own classrooms


Maths Olympiad starting this week on May 20th



Full scratch for the iPad.

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