RUConnected #75 Minecrafting with Tim Wicks

Published on: Author: Lois Smethurst 3 Comments

Interview with Tim Wicks – minecrafter extraordinaire

At the moment Tim Wicks, from the NT, is  touring Australia with his minecraft camps.

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  1. The minecraft camps?

  1. How can teachers begin?

  2. Classroom use?
    Great site:

  3. Students seem to have lot of time on mine craft at home how is it different when you have a minecraft camp. Why would parents send their children along ? Article:

  4. How can we get parents onboard?

  5. Is it Educational? Article:

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  1. Fantastic listen. I agree with you Lois that it has really got me interested. The teacher mindcraft day would be an interesting prospect. I don’t think that you can ever have enough teacher tinker time.

    • Thanks Aaron. Teachers never ever get enough tinker time and I think I need to work with other interested teachers to get started on Minecraft. I like coding but just can’t find a way into the Minecraft side of things…yet. So a teacher day might be the way to go.

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