RUConnected #74 Post Slide2Learn – 2014

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Special Guest –  Bronwyn McLeod

Biggest takeaways

Andrew Churches message about teaching in the digital age and student engagement
engagement is not entertainment
Cathy Hunt’s infographic based on Andrew’s keynote

Graham Brown-Martin’s importance of context and tools chosen to make a difference. The same tech doesn’t suit everywhere. One size doesn’t fit all even the oldest tech can be transforming – its how its used.

Using sensory objects and then bringing in tech to add value- share the experience make it it in to more. Eg play dough, Lego real life to digital shared with the world.

Adele Brice’s Keynote and workshop – enthusiasm and whole school approach to Challenge Based Learning has had a huge impact. Students are infected by the staff enthusiasm
Wonga Park PS – Challenge Based Learning
Accepting the Challenge
Challenge Based Learning – Power

Supercharging Stopmotion – Cathy Hunt
Art Teacher – refreshingly different perspective
– fantastic presenter, very inspiring

Handy Tips

Technique to encourage children to invest in the process not the product
Lego – children spend almost entire session setting up & last 30 secs on stop motion
Start really simple quick activities
Playdough tower – create, evaluate, move on
Create stop motion with one hand behind your back
Use a stand – Never move the Camera
iPads are hardier than you think – clay washes off
Kids are inspired by the materials, create their own, collect, bring in.
Boys are less inclined to edit
Don’t over procedurise the experience


Timelapse Tower
Stop Motion Magic – rolling ball
Fold green paper in half to create background and foreground
Students can create cheat sheets for iMovie and Creating Stop Motion
Create a creature appearing from and disappearing into the background
Foldify Stopmotion (Green Screen)
Lots of creativity and imagination in creating characters and backgrounds

iMotion HD
Green Screen by Doink
Doink Animation and Drawing

Biggest successes – Lois
Workshop where we actually made 2 complete episodes of SLOTS (Slide2Learn Online Television Show)
Thanks to Rod Hystead & Slide2Learn team for all their help and thanks to all participants who worked hard to produce the show and entertain their audience.

Handy information
Copyright slideshare – loaded with information for educators

ITunes U
Schools can create accounts
Create a course, share resources and notes
Private or Public
New version – discussion

Heather Bailie’s Storify about Slide to Learn

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