RUConnected #72 TeachMeet MVP

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NT Katherine MacFarlane PS 

New Pedagogies project – Michael Fullen White Paper  1000schools -10clusters of 100 schools. VIc 80 and Tas 20

New Pedagogies 21st Century Survey New Pedagogies Information

ICT peer coaching interviews- revisit last term and goals – google doc used, ėpotential results

Persuasive text idea- use Pic Collage to create a persuasive text piece. 3 pics why, heading, key words etc. Use as a plan.

Using tech at a higher level rather than just the same instead of writing. – visual, audio movies thinking SAMR

Healthy a Hearts – Jump Rope for Heart – filming making news reports, persuasive reports.

Lego Movie Maker -simple UI. Backgrounds and story. Animate! What does it mean? Why not video?

TL21C_2014 –   Free PD for DEECD teachers

Mapping OnDemand testing results against the AUSVELS standards – Looking at standards not the end result and making it easy for teachers to gather summative testing results

Great resources available on the SLV  – History related

Book/Activities Look- The Art of Australian Picture Books Today

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