RUConnected #69 Holidays and Terms of Service

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Thinking about 2014, reflecting on 2013 taking time to catch some time zones in our day.

Holiday finds

1. Google hang outs

Jerry Blumengarten on 2 guys and an iPad and his twiiterhandle is @cybraryman1 so many resources, an unreal website. Best thing is that Jerry has the authenticity and credability as he’s been a teacher in schools.

#eduVue Educational Manifesto’s – interesting discussion and starring @techyturner from Phoenix.

2. EdChats

#tlap – Teach  Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess inspired chats

  • Passion
  • Immersion
  • Rapport
  • Ask and Analyze
  • Transformation
  • Enthusiasm

#edwebchat. Webinars chat – Susan Wells Mobiles and Makers, recording will be here

#ladygeeks hangouts and chat! Make sure you’re in a fun mood as these gals like to joke around.

Tony Vincent tweeted out a list of edchats telling when they are on. This is a great list to find your interests and a time you can fit in.

3. The Fluency21 planners have a huge range of currics linked to select. Check them out at

  • Solution Fluency
  • Information Fluency
  • Creativity Fluency
  • Media Fluency
  • Collaboration Fluency
  • Global Digital Citizen

4.  Big ideas series iBooks in the iTunes store

Challenge Based Learning “Big Ideas” Series Power – iBooks by Wonga Park PS, Ringwood North PS and Ringwood Secondary Challenge

5. The World Maker Faire is in New York in September. Nice! from #edwebchat   Sep 21st 2014

6. Discussion anout the age resitriction on websites -age 13+ opening a can of worms? For example facebook.


Some make exceptions so younger can join somehow.




4reasons under 13 should not be on sites for over 13

Common Sense Media site provides guildines.

A fairly full list of social media sites with restictions listed is here

Cybersmart Parents: Parenting in an online world by Richie Lambert

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