RUConnected #66 Holidays!

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Lois and Jenny pull themselves out of holiday mode to bring you episode #66 of RUConnected.
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Jenny has attended Mobile2013 in Tucson- Location…. The Westin la Paloma Tucson Arizona
Keynotes- Dean Shareski back to the basics – What really matters.
Peggy Sheahy games based learning.

3d gamelab – game up your classroom

People to follow on twitter that Jenny met-

@iapplelearner …Katherine Burdick

@techyturner …. Rodney Turner and

@tonyvincent …Tony Vincent

Jenny’s Travel buddy – @missb …Bec Spink

Ignite sessions -20 slides each for 15sec


Thanks to Alan Levine. @cogdog …20pics each for 20secs, add a topic and random pics are shown.  You have to improvise, no planning possible. Great for vocab work with students, icebreaker for staff meetings, conference warm ups etc

LOIS attended the ABC Splash FREE pd at the State Library Victoria Summary of the ABC Digital Ideas Conference

Film and Audio Tutorials

Report on film festival – blurred lines between film and digital stories

60secondscience vids are due 3 part vids – context, science exp, model, Evaluation (peer and self)

Plans for term 4

Lois- Radio shows at lunchtime, E-smart committee, Google sites, Scratch

Jenny- Programming from Bee Bots to Probots, Cargo Bot, Scratch, Hopscotch (Scratch Jr coming out) Wedo and Makey Makey – getting some basics with staff as well eg loops, procedures, sub procedures etc .
Kids designing tracks setting up challenges.


SLIDE TO LEARN Sydney July 1-2 2014
Some keynotes Jonathan Nalder, Graham Brown Martin


Gippsland Hosted by Louise Van Kuyk
Education Co-ordinator, Gippsland Art Gallery Sale
Thursday 17 October, 4:30 to 6:30pm at
Gippsland Art Gallery (68 – 70 Foster St, Sale).

Teachmeet @ Sovereign Hill Ballarat
Saturday October 26th 2pm to 4pm
hosted by Peter Beckwith @GoldfieldsEd

Teachmeet Sydney English teachers
Nov 1st TM wharf Sydney

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