RUConnected Episode #64 Travels and Connections

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Jenny tells Lois about her recent trip to the UK.

-School visits

-Quad blogging…….. and David Mitchell Meeting and school visit to Caton Community School


-Peeps – people Jenny met

-Dawn Hallybone – Digital Life

Lois tells about her radio show and a new site she is making on Google Sites

apple TV pro also avail in the Apple store is a connector adapter for VGA to hdmi so you can use Apple TV on an older projector or make it easier to connect without running long cables to the projector by using an exisiting connection point.

Scratch 2.0

Scratch for maths extension.

The online version of scratch means that student’s working space and projects are all in space. It also means that it is much easier to embed finished projects into their own or class blogs. A big improvement from the past complicated process that was required.

Apple Configurator update

Apple configurator has had a big update. Notification sounds when things are finished, Error message now displays under the yellow triangle so if app doesn’t install you know which one is the culprit. I’m still have problems with its stability.

Google Sites

Great way to curate resources, checklists, schedules, calendars and share with select audience. Different pages can have different permissions

Use google forms for a checklist, copy the address so that the students can go back and update as they complete more parts of the project.

Some Nice Apps

Barefoot world atlas free (for now)

Sketches – free nice drawing app

Tinkerbox – free – thinking problem solving physics type app  – like the old Thinking Things software

The Artist Mortimer   – free digital book

Wifi Photo – free for transfering photos (thanks to Rod Hysted for finding this one)

Toca builders

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