RUConnected Episode #63 Scootle from ICTEV13 to Monet

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Lois Smethurst and Jenny Ashby discuss the following –

Jenny’s visit to Shepparton High School where she had a planning day with teachers (metal work, library, auslan, literacy-writing and medieval history teachers) Work flows for each area and  creating was the focus for all subjects.

Deploying Evernote with staff…..evernote email address used for handing work into the teacher by students.

Lois  gave us an update on the blogging challenge.

TV/Radio Show – building a Google Site to hold the information – use Google forms to feed the information  into the site so that the production of the show is visible to everyone. Idea from ITMadeSimple


ICTEV Victor Steffenson the keynote,  Learning from values of the community and visual learning using film on the land.    A very interesting keynote and a webiste coming out soon with lots of videos telling stories of the land.

Scootle – looking at nationwide resources, speaking and listening checklist, different wording can suit different purposes. Learning resources found by the teacher can be made available to students through a code.

One bonus of book creator is not having to wait for compression. So good if just wanting to add audio to a pic.


TM Library…… TmMelb next Teachmeet?

July 22nd -iPads, Create is to understand at Epsom PS.  A full day with Jenny Ashby at EpsomPS

Monet at the National Gallery of Victoria

Another podcast to listen to – TechExpress by Lyn Cutting and Craig Dunstan

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