RUConnected Episode #62 Slide2Learn and workflows

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Jenny and Lois discuss what’s happening lately.  Lois has been away to Tonga and jenny attended Slide2learn in Perth.

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Slide2Learn has wonderful presenters and keynotes for example Jane Ross’ students from Jakarta who has created a book in iTunes about their Challenged Based Learning.

Lois’ students are busy creating Movies for their Inquiry based Unit around inventions and Movies for the 60 second science competition. The grade 5 & 6 students are also participating in the  Student Blogging Challenge . They are building up some great skills. The grade 3 & 4 students are doing their research on the ipads using the Internet, Explain Everything and Google Drive. Google Drive is great for shared iPads because students can access Google Drive from Explain Everything to save or open documents.

Printing…..does anyone print? Fingerprint for the Mac allows idevices to print through the Mac to non airprint printers.

Meraki – web interface runs alongside and in conjunction with configurator. It can send notifications to iPads and check battery charging, push updates and more.

Jenny is using Book Creator and adding pics/video from gallery via dropbox sharing. Sending the book to dropbox so all can then download to their ibooks shelf.

Programming Apps –

Cargo BotBeeBot,Hopscotch,Daisy the Dino, SNAP, Koder, Catos hike (Computer Science Teacher a blog with reviews of some block programming tools)

Up and coming Events

™ Melb past and present Thurs May 14th  @ Melb Library

ICTEV 25th May 25th

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  1. Thanks so much for a great show! I have no idea how I’ve missed having you in my podcast app! Joe Dale mentioned listening to you and so of course I’ve subscribed. I really enjoyed hearing about Slide2Learn. Sounds like a great conference! 🙂

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