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Lois has been working with Tony Richards from iTMadeSimple to set up the Berwick Lodge WebTV.

Jenny holding #saw24 (Skype around the world in 24 hours) and wikis using multi platforms  skills in using the wiki
Cybersafety day – Tony Richards visit

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Lois explains….
Setting up blogs for each class – process for ” rolling over”  so past work is kept.

1. Set the old users to subscribers so their work is not lost or disconnected
2. Add new users as authors or editors x2 student admins
3. Add new students as categories so that their teachers and parents can filter the blog for a certain student’s work under the parent category 2013
4. Update the header
5. If necessary make new blogs

Mirroring ways discussed

Doc camera……has added bonus of showing your hand selecting swiping etc.
Apple TV…..needs HDMI networks etc but nice
Airserver…software on Mac/PC
Reflector….software on MAc/PC
Tony Vincent has a write up thats a great resource comparing different ways to mirror…
Learning in hand



create PDFs add annotations using speech bubbles and more.  Allows you to select pics more than one at a time. $1.99
All free apps on my blog – screen shots – transferred from the camera roll on the ipad to the computer using google drive.
Text on Pics Pro   $0.99
Great for finding quality digital stories – Miss Spider,

Cybersafety Tips

Check your facebook privacy settings, search for your self and check out your digital footprint.  Make sure you have plenty of good showing.

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