RUConected #59 Ready, Set, Google!

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Jenny and Lois discuss the beginning of the year and their use of Apple’s Configurator to set up the ipads for the new school year. How are you setting up this year? School managed or student managed. Jenny is switching over to school managed and Lois is also using school managed shared model for ipad use.
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Thanks to Chris Sacco for sending through these links which you may find helpful

Volume Purchase Program

Configurator Help

Apple Support

What I’ve learned about Apple Configurator… so far

Jenny’s links from Google School

Google drive ­great app for on the mobile devices.

Google scholar great for searching research papers etc.
Google books
Google news
Google +
Google Hangouts
Google Apps for Education ­ Google site for intranets

Cyber tips ­Tues 5th Feb cyber safety day and events ­
There will be three different online activities being offered on the day:
1. Cybersmart Detectives – which is designed for upper primary students and focuses on cybersafety
2. Cybersmart Hero – which is designed for upper primary students and focuses on cyberbullying
3. Cybersmart Networking – which is designed for lower secondary students and focuses on social networking.

Own Cloud and Web dav


Cyber Safety Day
Feb 5th.

MOTM2013 Feb 16 & 17
Melb ­ Inspire 9 Co working space.

Slide2Learn. April 22nd ­ 23rd Perth,

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