RUConnected #58 Essential Creative Apps for 2013

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Essential Creative Apps for 2013

Jenny and Lois discuss their essential apps and give the results of RUC listeners responses.
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Lois’s must have apps

Stip Designer, Explain Everything, TinyTap, Toontastic, AudioBoo, Edublogs, Educreations, Popplet

Jenny’s essential  apps

Explain Everything, Evernote/Dropbox, Bookcreator, iMovie, Keynote, iTalk, Edublogs

Survey –  5 most essential apps result

If you could only add 5 apps to your iPad……….


1. Explain Everything                  2. Evernote                       3. iMovie                                  4 Skitch                          5 Twitter

Thanks to everyone who completed our survey.

How to choose apps

Most apps are Bad? Research  (thanks to John Pearce’s Scoopit)

Common Sense Media  (site for searching for apps for a specific age, subject and purpose, rates age appropriateness also and there is an app)
The New Bloom’s Taxonomy/Models for assessing iPad Apps
SAMR model curtesy of  Greg Swanson’s website

From Britt


Title Date
Google Summit Jan 17 & 18 Sydney
MOTM2013 Feb 16 & 17 Melb – Inspire 9 Co working space
TeachMeetMelb Feb 2 Lt Markov, 350-352 Drummond St Carlton VIC 3053

Cybersafety tips
Instagram – Staying Safe Online


When writing contractions like we’ll that won’t move from well use auto flick the exclamation mark to add an apostrophe.



Shrinkurl.     free                                Eyeconit   free                    Haiku deck thanks to  @iPadSammy             WordFoto  free or $1.99

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