RUConnected #53 Jenny UnPlug’d in Cananda

Published on: Author: Lois Smethurst 2 Comments

Jenny tells us all about her trip to Canada and the Unplugged Conference she attended while there. Lois and Jenny discuss the introduction of a 1:1 iPad program and some of the management implications in this complex issue.

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  1. Hell Lois and Jenny,
    Firstly, congratulations on your podcasts. I look forward to each one and while I haven’t commented before I did “rate/highlight” your podcast on the EdTechCrew podcast when they were searching for favourite podcasts.
    Your podcast today co-incided with me putting together details for a 1 to 1 proposal for my school and I quickly scribbled down some notes as you were speaking. As you suggested schools are probably getting submissions for 2013 organised now and I thought you could dedicate some of your next show to the pros and cons and more importantly things to consider that you have discovered either in establishing a program (Jenny) or considering a program as you said you are (Lois). It seems very timely for the discussion.
    Thanks again for your insights into school ICT and your dedication in creating 53 interesting podcasts.
    Geoff Giblin

  2. Hi Geoff

    Thanks for taking the time to comment and for the recommendation on the Edtech Crew survey.
    It is a busy time planning for IT implementation next year and a 1:1 program is a fairly serious investment. I agree that Jenny’s experience is a great asset especially now that she is two years down the track. She thinks of things that don’t even cross my radar at this stage. We will endeavour to continue the conversation in the coming RUConnecteds. Thanks again


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