RUConnected #51 Before and after Slide2learn

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The end of term was a busy one for both of us so we’ve put together two podcasts that we created and thought best to send out together. Before Slide2learn we had the IWB Master conference on in Adelaide.  We had a great time presenting our Voices workshop over 4 sessions with our cohort.

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Greg Gebhart’s Keynote session was great as usual and full of up to date information such as The Horizon Report  which provided evidence that oral skills are becoming more important than ever….search via voice, siri etc voice commands

  • Apps we investigate: Autodance, LegoMovie
  • Game based learning to be in the classroom in the next three years and personal learning environments an expectation.
  • The super computer will be your phone and will fit in your pocket.
  • 1 to many will be the way we work with an estimted 1:7 devices for each person by 20something.
  • Augmented reality to become widly used in the classroom
  • Greg showed a 9 mth old using iPad and it was quite amazing to see the babay looking in folders and out to find the correct app.

Slide2Learn – Lead up – the who when and where

In the ClassRoom

  • Educreations – sticking with it- simplicity is actually its greatest asset.
  • Toontastic for storyboarding – helping students to visualise their movies
  • Lego Super Movie Maker – instant stop motion pro type movies – no sound
  • Blogs – planning day was a great opportunity to work with the teachers
  • New Web site for the school for berwick Lodge Primary school, app to follow.
  • Using the Reflections App on your computer to capture work from the ipad and take control of it in a manner that suits your purpose.
  • Use of photo booth for mirroring and drawing of avatars with preps.
  • Olympic flag activity and explain everything, research the flags and then draw and record the relevance of the colors etc.
Apps We Discussed
  • Display Rec app records everything in any app on your ipad.  It has now been taken out of the iTunes store.
  • New Podcast app from apple so podcasts are not in the iTunes or music app anymore.

VPP coming soon……..I wonder when (Volume Purchasing Plan for apps)

iOS V6  -features

  • Siri has been learning and can open apps .
  • Knows about movies and sport.  3D maps.
  • Shared photo streams
  • New passbook app.

Part 2 – Post S2L Where were we from at slide to learn? This doesnt include all the presenters.

KeyNotes _Steve Cook, Fraser Speirs, Ivo Burum, Sam Gliksman, Tony Vincent, Lisa Johnson

Lois Presented Voices, and Jenny’s sessions were Get Real Maths, Workflows and iShare

How do you go about organising something like this?

Good question Lois but Google Docs was a great help and Skype considering that all the Slide2Learn team are spread all over Australia.


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