RUConnected #45 Holidays, Relax and Listen

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Lois and Jenny discuss the latest happenings at their schools. Some suggested topics from twitter and give their usual round up of newly tried apps.
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Hol jobs….clean up the desktop and ipad etc iTunes purchases for TAX

Reindex Spotlight on a Mac

Dropbox setup ( )and sendtodropbox (  Gr8 for sharing ebooks …book creator app shares directly to dropbox all files get a URL so gr8 for videos and audio to QR code

Eracism Debate – Round 1 Finished

Student Conference Series term 2 list available for those wanting to join in.

Student series blog address – lots of sessions to watch recordings
All recordings are on this page – some not on recordings link.  Great job from Romanian students.

Teaching creative commons to kids
Wikimedia Commons

Gmail spam folder – auto decides whats junk so you may need to look in the spam folder and see what’s there.  Jenny found some very important emails in the spam folder.

Suggestions from Twitter for our discussion

  • Good ways for schools on tight budgets can move forward with tech?
  • The value of teachmeets? Sharing, networking…twitter
  • The Teacher Divide: widening gap bet tchrs not learning,n those,like tweeps, getting smarter n smarter  To Learn or not To learn…what is your fate?

Apps…./sites for iPAds that work

TIP: Easy way to find newest apps when you have a full iPad….go to app store on ipad and select previously purchased sort by most recent…Then the picture shows all of your most recent app purchases.

App Reviews

  • Showyou – video curator what are your friends watching etc nice for Apple TV  airserver $11 paypal on Macbook
  • Stack the states  US ( website from @bulamanka -Andrew S) – all countries and states plays on iPad
  • Three Ring…collecting student work samples on the iphone
  • Trip advisor … good advice on hotels for your trip
  • Tripit… online organiser for itineraries etc.


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