RUConnected #38 Brette Lockyer and the Daily Five

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Jenny and Lois have a chat with Brette Lockyer and discuss her use of technology and the daily5 in her literacy program.
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The Daily Cafe

Brette’s blog

Twitter hash tag   #daily5 Sat morning 10-11am Melb time

iPad tip – Saving files using webdav, oh there’s an app for that.

Brette’s Apps to Share ( and ours)

  1. Book creator – expensive but nice ($7.50)
  2. ebook magic $3.99 lots of features and more page layouts
  3. indicommons app free
  4. photo pad free
  5. strip designer $2.99 an old but goodie although some now use comic life ($7.99) on the iPad
  6. vimeo free for iphone
  7. sonic pics $2.99 – navigate a slide show and add audio. Others that also allow writing or drawing include showme (free) and explain everything $2.99 (allows you to crop photos in the app also and sharing has endless possiblities.)
  8. doodle buddy free
  9. magic slate free
  10. puppet pals free or $2.99 directors version

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