RUConnected #37 The Asian Connection

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RUConnected #37 The Asian Connection or “The Mystery Snorer”

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Whats News

1. Jenny’s Jakarta trip to the Australian International School

2. Lois’ Singapore Trip
12 students, 4 teachers visit to our sister school and celebrated National Day – The National Day of Singapore is celebrated every year on 9 August, in commemoration of Singapore’s independence from Malaysia in 1965- The incredible proud of their country and obvious in the National Pride – songs, & celebrations. Holiday for National Day and rest day afterwards.
Students went to school for celebrations and then a normal work day and then home with some families. (v.short Homestay)


3. Mystery Skype with Mitch Hughes and Watsonia PS – Structured- animals, next numbers and skype with New York school – Nancy Sharoff


4.Jenny Ultranet school – weekly lessons with just one or to skills
Adding bling to the ultranet and vokis using embed codes.

5. LOIS – New way to think about online learning for example blogging from the “Ideas Lab”
Move away from the “Show and Tell” blogs to: Collective Knowledge Construction

“There are four strategies that influence how we learn and the way we behave online, that this white paper explores: Connecting, Communicating, Collaborating and Learning Collectively.”

Download the White Paper written by Richard Olsen – very interesting reading.

6. Jenny presented at GTAV- iGeography – Here is jenny’s presentation


7. How are your movies going? – Just finishing up, very pleased with them so far. Learnt heaps about filming with a blue screen ( mobile white board with blue paper pinned to it)

8. Animations of eggs hatching as we have eggs in the classroom – Grade ½ Learning community
Something for Teachers to try –
9. Symmetry Work flow – for Ipad Use the Kaleidic Lite (FREE) to create a shape, capture it, add it to Doodle Buddy to draw the lines of Symmetry. Or use PhotoBooth with a mirror or mirro paint app on iphones and iPad

Maths – Stories in addition
10. Stamping addition problems and recording voices in Kidpix to tell and addition story and then adding to a slide show of addition stories in KidPix.

11. Good chats on twitter

#elemchat Sunday morning 8am Melb time for early starters

#daily5 Sat morn 10am-11am Melb time

12. New Apps to Share

1 Maths Party – ordering but starts with simple numbers and moves onto equations – one or two player (FREE) Free app
2 Explain Everything app – sonic pics and showme- record voice draw and add pics- shares in many ways very nice – includes a cropper $2.99

3.   Glow draw, skywrite, fireworks!/id364873934?mt=8

5.   Sock App

6.   Writepad convert handwriting to text – nice    $10.49

Conferences this week
VITTA – Mon 29th Aug & Tues 30th Aug
IWB Digital Leaders Sep 1-3 Thurs, Fri, Sat

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