RUConnected #36 Happy 2nd Birthday!

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HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY wow it is too. Time flies.

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Playing4Real …in the making. Collections, tasks, missions working with Brette Lockyer, Jenny Luca, Donna Benjamin and others #P4R

Film making, Experimenting with blue screen techniques, – 60 Second Science Competition

Looking at: similarities and differences between PBL- Just What Does It Stand For?

  • Project based learning,
  • Problem based learning
  • Passion Learning
  • Challenge based learning
  • Inquiry learning

Why use one approach over another?

Apps to Share

  1. Plain text…no frills but shares nicely from the app to dropbox 21stC handing in work.
  2. IA Writer -no frills also – purposely designed so that writers concentrate on writing
    4.99 also available on Mac but at 17.99 ( )
  3. Evernote Peak
  4. WhiteNote – another writing app Makes notebooks, for different projects

Up and Coming Events

Vitta – Leading and Learning From the Edge

IWBnet Fifth National Leading a Digital School Conference

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