RUConnected #35 the Winter Solstice Podcast

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What does the Winter Solstice bring?
Jenny and Lois discuss their latest conference experience and the new format that the team at IWBNet were trialling. They talk about the latest apps they have found and about their most recent successes in their schools.

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ITL Masterclass  National Conference 2011

Cohorts x4 sessions
Cohort 1: The Shift to Mobile and Ubiquitous Learning – Jonathan Nalder
Cohort 2: Reflecting on Teaching and Learning to Improve – Jenny Ashby
Different role as a facilitator……changes of program
Use of web 2.0 tools for eportfolios – twitter
Cohort 3: 21st Century Teaching and Learning – Bruce Fuda
Cohort 4: What is Peak Performance in Terms of Curriculum and Pedagogy – Peter Kent
Cohort 5: ITL with Digital Technology: the dynamic classroom/a vision of best practice – Jodie Riek
Cohort 7: Lessons from Leonardo: dealing with little da Vincis – Chris Betcher

Mind Mapping by Jason Zagami – Educational Theora

Keynote by Chris Betcher

App Recommendations

My Spelling Test

Leaf Snap


Field Guide to Victoria Fauna


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