RU Connected #25 Snowed Under and Drowned Out

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Its the end of term 4 and we are all snowed under with lots of end of year organising and finishing off (not to mention reports).
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Jenny and Lois in their last podcast for 2010 talk about:

  • The new google docs for the iPad
  • New operating system for the iPad iOS4.2
  • Movies Movies Movies – Common Craft videos – easy to make – computer or by hand.
  • Global educators conf- links

Global Eduction Conference recordings

Wiki – search for resources or add your own
Mentor Program – become a mentor or find partners for collaborative projects
Social Network – keep the conversations going
Facebook – become a fan
Map – add your location to this Google Map

Networking Directory -find and quickly connect to other conference attendees

– Skype Debates

– iPad/iPhone/iPod Apps

  • InaWorld -Drama Create movie trailers InaWorld Cmedy is also available
  • MirrorPaint Create with Logo programming and use mirrors.
  • Spoken Motion Draw and record audio then share via email or to a computer.  Needs an app on the computer that converts the file then emails to the address you have added. (sends a .mov file)

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