RU Connected #24 What is a few?

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Lois Smethurst and Jenny Ashby discuss
special visitors to Berwick Lodge’s radio station

Edmodo – microblogging in a secure environment Remote Team teaching with one purpose
Using Voki – Australian bush ballads with Henrietta Miller in Sydney.
Charlottes Web responses in Edmodo to prompts with a school in Hong Kong.

iPad pilots website. a collection of world wide iPad pilots in many industries not just education.

Google docs on the iPad.  Can you edit?  Is there an app for that? (Office2 HD $7.99)

Common Craft Videos

Mrs Kolbert’s Class Blog – Rockin Science Videos – the Water Cycle a la common craft video.  Scripts made in google docs collaboratively.
Jenny- Apps Water Storage (BOM free) and Virtual Water $1.99

Skype -Debating – very useful to support the persuasive text genre.

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