RUConnected #3- 60sec Science Competition

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In this episode Jenny and Lois talk to Brendan O’Brien about the Australia wide 60 Second Science competition. They briefly discuss Student Led Conferences and the Student Netbook forum held on Eluminate.

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Livescribe Pen
http://LiveScribe Pencasts

Eluminate Student Netbook Forum

60 Second Science – Science Video Competition

Online E-learning Conference

Post Script

Hi everyone,

Thanks to those students who presented on Wednesday from Macedon,  Epsom,  Eagle Hawk Nth and Strathfieldsaye Primary school.  Also thanks to other schools for coming on line and participating.  It turned out to be quite a learning curve for us all with technology tested to its max.  We persisted as you need to sometimes with technology. The students did a great job and many at short notice.  Its was interesting to see the different work everyone had completed.

Here is the link for the recording

If you send this to your students  they could view the forum again at home.  I hope we can get more ideas for the next forum.

In this first attempt we did have some audio issues which we eventually solved.  The whiteboard was used, sharing screens and sharing websites.  There is also video capabilites which we didn’t use, perhaps next time.  Taking screen shots of the screens you want to share and then placing them on the whiteboard can also be a good way to share with others. (ppts also)

I am thinking of having a few dates for schools(students and teachers) to come online to learn how to use elluminate.  This will enable others to host for themselves or just participate better at future sessions.  If you would be interested in this idea please drop me an email and I’ll work out some times. Monday and Tuesdays after lunch would be the days I can facilitate the training sessions.

Thanks again to everyone,

Keep on Netbooking and learning

Jenny Ashby

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  1. Hi Jenny and Lois,
    FYI – we supply the Livescribe pen across Australia and have been doing a lot of work with schools, TAFE’s, and Uni’s. Unlike Officeworks we actually provide after sales support and have a team available via phone, email, Twitter, Facebook, and our blog to answer questions or help users.

    Whilst the pen is brilliant for students, we’re seeing increasing demand from the teaching community. We talk regularly to teachers who are starting to use the Pencast feature so as to create short tutorials for their students. Many are using it as a way of creating a library of common answers (so they don’t have to repeat the same answer 20 times). These pencasts are being shared to Facebook, their own blogs, and education focused social networks like Moodle.

    Many teachers want to use Livescribe but don’t want to use their personal credit card to purchase it – so we accept purchase orders from all schools in Australia.

    Mr Smartpen

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